Lizard King the cyberbully

Lizard King the cyberbully

July 3, 2024 Off By The Lizard King

Well, the first US presidential debate lived up to expectations, at least our politicians in Australia can sometimes speak well enough for me to work out what their opinions are.

Unlike US politics, companies are apparently looking to replace underperforming executives in this tough economy, but rest assured they’ll be very safe if I’m anywhere near the register.

I’m not quite sure what the point of that AFR article was, but at least it’s more interesting than those CEO pieces where they reveal a preference for riding a bike or drinking coffee in the morning – riveting stuff.

Big technology companies were “ordered” by the eSafety commission to find a solution to kids accessing pornography, a noble cause, if futile, you may as well order everybody to be a foot taller.

What are they even doing over there? Just telling people to solve wide-ranging difficult problems? I’m pretty sure I could personally counterbalance any kind of online safety they’ve achieved with five minutes on Facebook.

I’ve always thought that cyberbullying sounded cool anyway, it gives me images of robotic noogies and a blaring siren warning that somebody needs to stop hitting themselves.

But most of the internet seems like lifeless AI-produced slop anyway, whether it’s a crappily faked deepfake of Zelensky’s wife buying a Bugatti or those weird religious generated images with an eleven-fingered Jesus or giant Quran that seem to get the most pop on Facebook.

Yes, I’m aware I used AI to make my above avatar, but that’s just out the virtue of laziness.

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