Financial Advice Disclaimer (Risk)

Please note the following valuable information before using this website. 

Independent Research 

Market Open Australia is intended to be used only for educational and informative purposes, and any information on this website should not be taken as investment advice or guidance. It is important to conduct your own research before making any investment decisions, which should be based on your own investment needs and personal circumstances. Any investment decisions based on information contained on this website should be taken in line with independent financial advice from a qualified professional or should be independently researched and verified. 

Financial News and Information, Not Investment Advice 

Market Open Australia is an online portal for the latest news and financial data, and a discussion forum and content aggregator. Market Open Australia is not a broker, dealer, or investment advisor. Any news, information or other data on this website should not be taken as investment advice. All of the information that we publish is publicly available and should not be read as investment, tax or legal advice. Market Open Australia is not licensed to provide financial services and is not regulated by the Financial Services Authority. 

Market Open Australia is an educational platform for analysing and discussing general and generic information related to stocks and investments. No content or information posted on the website should be taken to constitute investment guidance or recommendations either in general or in relation to any specific securities transaction. We do not provide personalised investment strategies or recommendations either in general or concerning any specific stock. 

Empowering Individuals to Take Financial Control 

The mission at the heart of Market Open Australia is to empower individuals to take control of their financial lives. It is not our intention to present ready-made or generic investment and advice and strategies to you. Rather, the information that we present to you is intended to be treated as an area for further research rather than a generic list of recommendations. Investment screens can be used to narrow a search based on pre-defined criteria, but this is not a substitute for independent research based on your investment profile. 

Any valuation tools that we provide are solely for informational and educational purposes so that users can run their own valuations. Pre-defined values are intended as a starting point based on global assumptions that have been applied across the entire market. If being used for informational purposes, they should be amended by the users and should not be regarded as a substitute for their own investment judgment. Any valuation outputs that result is generic and should not be taken to endorse any stock by Market Open Australia.

Content Generated by Users 

Much of the content and information hosted on Market Open Australia is generated by users and for this reason cannot be monitored completely effectively. Everything outside Market Open Australia Content and Market Open Australia Data, including information about businesses, companies, investment strategies and investment opportunities, is provided by registered users and other third parties. Market Open Australia acts as the host of this information and at no point selects, monitors, modifies, reviews, or directs the publication of this information. 


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Investment Warnings 

Please take note of the following important investment warnings: 

  • The value of shares, investments, and any income derived from them can go up and down in value. 
  • Investors are not guaranteed to get back the same amount that they initially invested. 
  • Past performance of a financial asset or instrument is not an indication or guide as to future performance.