Buxton (ASX:BUX) Bull-ish on Australian graphite vision

Buxton (ASX:BUX) Bull-ish on Australian graphite vision

July 11, 2024 Off By Stewart Walters

Buxton Resources CEO Marty Moloney went on camera at MarketOpen’s video channel this week to share the project generator’s timeline for producing graphite results with the drill, shares host Stewart Walters.

Australian company Buxton Resources (ASX:BUX) sure knows how to name a project. With names like Graphite Bull, Dogleg and Copper Wolf, its diverse portfolio of graphite, nickel, copper, gold, and iron deposits in Western Australia and the US state of Arizona sure stand out in a crowd of market monikers.

Buxton CEO Marty Moloney knows the latest on the Western Australian company’s efforts and joined me on MarketOpen’s video channel yesterday to dive deeper into the Subiaco project generator’s high-grade 22-square-kilometre Graphite Bull project in WA’s Mid West Murchison region.

Marty picked up the mic to give me the chance to dig deeper on drilling efforts at the project previously known as Yalbra, one that has already delivered high-purity graphite during metallurgical work.

Buxton will produce drilling results from Graphite Bull this quarter, as it focuses on a vision to produce concentrates with purity exceeding 99% carbon from resources extracted Down Under.

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Stewart Walters: Buxton Resources just commenced drilling at Graphite Bull. What are you hoping to achieve?

Marty Moloney: At Graphite Bull the existing drilling has just scratched the surface – we can tell that from the chief physical programs that we did last year. So this next round of drilling that we’ve just embarked on is a couple of deep diamond holes into the guts of the EM-plates there. So what we hope to see is basically something that’ll turn what could be a 10-to-15-year mine-life project into a multi-decade producer of natural graphite for the lithium-ion battery market.

SW: Have you got a timeline for results?

MM: Results? These are reasonably deep holes about 700 metres each, so they’ll take a couple of weeks to drill each. With the graphite mineralisation it’s pretty visual, so we should be able to release results as we see them in the core. But assays we’d expect some time in September.

SW: Marty, good luck. Look forward to seeing results.

MM: Thank you.

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