White Cliff (ASX:WCN) unfurls historic high-grade uranium-copper from Northwest Territories

White Cliff (ASX:WCN) unfurls historic high-grade uranium-copper from Northwest Territories

March 25, 2024 Off By Jack Baker

White Cliff Minerals dataset digitisation efforts have unearthed multiple high-grade uranium and copper targets in the northern half of its large-scale Radium Point exploration project in Canada’s Northwest Territories.

The older historical datasets were high quality, with their highly anomalous rock chip results surpassing White Cliff’s expectations with a collection of large and high-grade uranium-copper-gold and silver targets now ready for field season.

And while the area has been a significant producer of the target commodities, follow-up work here appears to be limited, offering the chance for White Cliff to identify extensions of past-exploited deposits with high potential for IOCG-uranium style mineralisation.

White Cliff Minerals Chairman Roderick McIllree said it had taken significant time to collate and verify the results but they were worth the wait.

“Work continues on the assimilation of the remaining datasets for the balance of the 2,900-square kilometre licence area however the tenor of these results already gives us great confidence in our upcoming field season,” he said.

McIllree added it was important to stress the results were only from the northern half and near-mine project areas, exclusively, and utilising this new database of targets alongside geochemistry would greatly assist with the team’s finalisation of target definitions.

“The area to the south contains results that appear higher grade in nature with a larger surficial expression however we need more time to complete the verification process for this vast area and will release these results in due course,” he said.

“I am very comfortable saying this is the most exciting multi-element project I have seen, even though this is a first pass on these near-mine and regional anomalies I am confident we are well placed to make significant discoveries on our ground during 2024. I make no guarantees, but with results like this, on only half of the assessed ground to date, it’s worth making every effort possible to drill this project during the coming year.”

White Cliff will now conclude its Canadian work programs for the year ahead, both at Radium Point and its Coppermine project, aiming to deploy a holistic campaign to leverage all available synergies across the expansive landholdings.

Highlight results

Thompson Showing

  • 14.15 per cent uranium oxide, 6.22 grams per tonne gold and 122g/t silver
  • 7.5% copper, 1.63% U3O8, 729g/t Ag and 1.56g/t Au
  • 15.15g/t Au, 6.6% Cu, 2.32% U3O8 137g/t Ag, 1.11% cobalt and 0.58% nickel

Spud Bay

  • 22.72% Cu, 619g/t (about 20 ounces) Ag and 0.59% lead
  • 11.69% Cu, 1330g/t (~40oz) Ag, 8.30% zinc and 0.44% Pb
  • 6.61% Cu, 1427g/t (~45oz) Ag, 3.66% Zn and 0.35% Pb


  • 7.43% U3O8 and 2.77% Cu

Doghead South

  • 1.56% U3O8, 10.30% Cu, 3.68g/t Au and 34g/t Ag
  • 3.85% Cu, 4.05g/t Au and 7g/t Ag

Sparkplug Lake

  • 8.28g/t Au, 1.86% Cu and 43.4g/t Ag
  • 3.97% Cu, 4.42g/t Au and 12.4g/t Ag
  • 3.01% Cu, 5.37g/t Au and 2.60g/t Ag

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