UPDATED: Lizard King the Centrist

UPDATED: Lizard King the Centrist

July 11, 2024 Off By The Lizard King

I liked seeing the 100-hour work weeks return for junior bankers in Wall St, it’s a small comfort knowing they’re at least working hard to get rich and face the early demands of a stern Russian woman who brags about never seeing her family.

But I espouse a poorer, more humble life (mostly because I have to) considering myself a model of the old piety before Americans realised you could make your own church, wear as many diamonds as your parish can afford and nobody who mattered would really care.

The French far-right took an early victory lap in their elections, but soon found that having poorly vetted candidates out and about wearing Nazi insignia and shouting about Putin’s greatness was not an ideal path to grab the middle ground.

Our consos wouldn’t do that, but it is kind of funny them running the pro-nuclear campaign under a man in Dutton who looks like he would gladly nuke the moon if given half an opportunity.

I like those US conservative attempts at making comedy cartoons, for some reason they think that the best way to combat lefty entertainment for being ugly and overly preachy is to make something even more pious and hideous.

That’s why I don’t run for office, I personally like to knuckledrag across the political spectrum and speak my dumbass opinions under the guise of anonymity.

It’s really quite nice to not matter after all.

Editor’s note: We are thinking of all our friends in the US at this time, and wish everyone the very best, AE

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