Lizard King: PwC fines, tech nerds & fawning billionaires

Lizard King: PwC fines, tech nerds & fawning billionaires

December 1, 2023 Off By The Lizard King

PwC got hit with a $100,000 fine for the tax leaks scandal, and now they’re playing it safe and trying to stay out of trouble —hardly a crippling blow for a company like them, but then again, I stopped biting my nails from the threat of a horned demon named Krampus, so who knows what works.

Some feller who runs several international tech conferences seemed to be having trouble getting women and big names on board, so he made up multiple attractive female coders for his conferences who never spoke or even existed and reeled in some big names. We’ve all been fooled, but getting catfished on LinkedIn is pretty low.

It is funny seeing Michael Lewis still fawning over Sam Bankman-Fried in his new book on the schlubby FTX founder. Good news if you want to play video games in your cargo shorts through meetings and be lauded for your brilliance, but it probably only works when you’re already a billionaire and not trying to land a job as a mattress salesman.

But, like other do-gooders before him, SBF’s “effective altruism” didn’t even come to pass, and his big plans of charitable givings seemed to only go towards the noble causes of influencing elections and toward both major US political parties – a real Robin Hood that one! But Alan Rickman always had me as a Sheriff of Nottingham guy anyway.

New Zealand decided to prioritise collecting taxes and votes from smokers over discouraging smoking, showing that ciggies are the real economic backbone – not mining or agriculture, and I suggest you let us light up on planes again as a reward for all our reasonable efforts.

And lastly, Charlie Munger went out like a real one with an announcement after the close of trade; I always found it weird a multi-billionaire being called someone else’s right hand, but he didn’t seem to mind.
He was funnier and made more money than I’d ever hoped to — a low bar to climb, but still. Rest in peace, Charlie.

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