Lithium Universe (ASX:LU7) strengthens Canadian ties in lithium supply chain effort

Lithium Universe (ASX:LU7) strengthens Canadian ties in lithium supply chain effort

June 27, 2024 Off By Amanda Ellis

Lithium Universe’s leaders and board industry-specialists have continued to pursue their vision to shorten a North American lithium supply chain gap by fostering strong relationships in their latest visit to the region.

A delegation led by CEO Alex Hanly visited Eastern Canada to engage with stakeholders in government, partners in the community partners, and industry peers.

Lithium Universe plans to establish itself in Québec with a lithium refinery at Bécancour Industrial Park.

The company met again with Minister of Economics, Innovation, and Energy Pierre Fitzgibbon during the visit, holding a “productive meeting” where it said the minister again expressed his enthusiasm for its efforts.

“Once again, Minister Fitzgibbon expressed enthusiasm for our engineering progress, the acquisition of the Option agreement within the Bécancour Industrial Park, and the Hydro-Québec application for an estimated 22.5MW energy allocation for our Bécancour Lithium Refinery,” the company said.

Lithium Universe also met with Bécancour Mayoress Lucy Allard to discuss its objectives and said she showed her enthusiasm for its plans and commitment to the region, recognising the development of a proven and reliable design within internationally aligned outputs.

Among the senior corporate leaders in the delegation were Lithium Universe Chairman Iggy Tan and board directors Patrick Scallan and Dr Jingyuan Liu, and Canadian Director Victoria Vargas.

Tan said the LU7 board had formed a positive view of its reception with representatives of all levels of government, including delegates at the federal, provincial and local government level.

“The region has made strong commitments since releasing the Critical Minerals Strategies four years ago and we have seen that in the significant investments made within the battery supply chain and pragmatic discussions held with key government executives,” he said.

“We look forward to advancing the company’s Bécancour Lithium Refinery to contribute in making Québec the lithium conversion centre within the Transatlantic region.”

Lithium Universe CEO Alex Hanly will speak MarketOpen Direct Connect host Stewart Waltersat an upcoming webinar on Friday, June 28 at 9am Perth time and 11am Australian east-coast time about the company’s strategy to close the lithium conversion gap in North America through development of a lithium carbonate refinery in Canada.
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