Dreadnought Resources (ASX:DRE) show uranium glow at Bresnahan

Dreadnought Resources (ASX:DRE) show uranium glow at Bresnahan

October 26, 2023 Off By Tom Duggan

A review over historical exploration and newly acquired geophysical data has shown a heady level of uranium to add to the known allure of heavy rare earths and gold-silver-tin at Dreadnought Resources‘ fully owned Bresnahan Project in Western Australia.

Bresnahan sits in a well-known uranium province, and significant levels and high-quality undrilled targets lying across the project will now form part of the company’s core focus as the price of yellowcake continues to climb.

Dreadnought Managing Director Dean Tuck said the company first moved on the Bresnahan Basin as a known unconformity uranium province.

“The uranium system is well understood and shares a mineral system with the recently published hard rock heavy rare earth systems like those seen in the Athabasca Basin and Browns Range,” Mr Tuck said.

“The exploration for uranium is a natural addition to the assessment of the consolidated project area as we look to unlock the region’s potential.”

The basin has a similar geological setting to both Canada’s Athabasca region and Western Australia’s Browns Range, the setting home to the few known hard rock heavy rare earth deposits holding high value dysprosium and terbium, while high grade Au-Ag-Sb results come from a similar lithostructural setting to the Paulsens and Mt Olympus gold deposits.

And Dreadnought holds the largest landholding in the region, standing at a newly consolidated 4700 square metres of territory with known mineralisation of all targeted elements.

A disparate state of ownership over the tenements led to fragmented historical exploration which left targets undrilled, and the company is now the first explorer to collect a large, consolidated landholding and properly scope it out with modern exploration.

The plan is now to begin defining and generating targets and anomalies through sampling, mapping, and surveys to define and generate multi-commodity targets into new search spaces – one of the greatest lead indicators of major discoveries.

Uranium results

  • BBRK0021: 0.24% U3O8
  • BBRK0023: 0.24% U3O8
  • BBRK0019: 0.19% U3O8
  • 1851: 0.29% U3O8
  • BBRK0020: 0.13%U3O8
  • BBRK0022: 0.12% U3O8

HREE and Au-Ag-Sb results

  • BBRK0046: 1.33% TREO (31% NdPr:TREO and 25% HREE:TREO)
  • BBRK0050: 1.21% TREO (30% NdPr:TREO and 19% HREE:TREO)
  • BBRK0012: 11.8 g/t Au, 650 g/t Ag, 2.9% Sb
  • BBRK0013: 11.9 g/t Au, 710 g/t Ag, 0.5% Sb

DRE Bresnahan Map 1

Plan view map showing the location of mineralised rock chips and prospects in relation to the major
structures and the Bresnahan-Wyloo unconformity.

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