Crypto trees cover fire and flood devastation

Crypto trees cover fire and flood devastation

February 9, 2023 0 By Rueben Hale

The Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife (FNPW) has teamed up with Tokens for Humanity and Independent Reserve to offer the Ethereum community the ability to mint non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and plant real trees in fire and flood-damaged areas.

The Gen 1 Merge Trees partnership seeks to restore and regenerate damaged ecosystems by targeting 500,000 trees planted across the country with the added benefit of capturing carbon. Each NFT sold represents a real tree planted in flood-affected areas across Australia.

People plant trees funded from cryptocurrency

People plant trees funded by cryptocurrency

The partnership says the contribution will be longstanding, with each tree can sequestering 2.75 tonnes of carbon on average.

If the campaign reaches 137,500 tonnes of carbon capture, it will represent a value 158 times greater than the estimated annual carbon consumption of the entire Ethereum network.

The campaign also merges physical and digital realities in a force for good, with each NFT minted leading to a real-life tree planted in flood-damaged areas in Australia, represented as a digital artwork donated by contemporary Australian landscape artist Sally Willbanks.

According to the Ethereum Foundation, the Merge decreased Ethereum’s carbon footprint by approximately 99.992 per cent (from 11,016,000 to 870 tonnes CO2e), making the network 99 per cent more energy efficient and aligning the platform well to the values of both FNPW and TFH.  

“If we are going to achieve our ambitious goal of planting one million trees by 2025, we need to reach different communities,”  FNPW chief marketing and revenue officer David Goldman said.

“The Gen 1 Merge Trees offer the Ethereum community a chance to positively impact flood-affected areas across Australia.”

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