Altech (ASX:ATC) boosts battery output in Germany

Altech (ASX:ATC) boosts battery output in Germany

November 3, 2023 Off By Rueben Hale

Altech Batteries is increasing the anticipated production of its high-capacity silicon into lithium-ion batteries by 20 per cent from its planned facility in Germany.

The DFS upgrade will increase annual production to 120 1MWh GridPacks per year.

1MWh GridPack battery assembly line in Germany

1MWh GridPack assembly line

GridPack is a potentially game-changing grid energy storage solution that allows triple stacking of Altech’s sea container-sized lithium-ion battery alternative.

The Company is in the race to get its patented technology to market and recently announced the results of a preliminary feasibility study (PFS) for constructing a 10,000tpa Silumina Anodes.

“From the beginning, we recognised a considerable margin built into the different equipment designs,” Group Managing Director Iggy Tan said.

“Initially, our approach to facility design was quite conservative. However, as we’ve progressed in finalising the overall equipment operations, it has become evident that we possess the capability to increase our production rate.”

“We are currently in the final stages of the DFS, where we are meticulously reviewing all cost factors, including operating consumables and purchased items,” he said.

About Altech Batteries

Altech Batteries Ltd (ASX:ATC) (FRA:A3Y) has partnered with Fraunhofer IKTS to bring to market the CERENERGY® Sodium Chloride Solid State Battery as an alternative to lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are fire-proof and explosion-proof and can operate in extreme cold and desert climates. They use table salt and are free of lithium, cobalt, graphite, and copper, reducing supply chain concerns. The joint venture is constructing a 100MWh production facility in Saxony, Germany, to offer grid storage solutions.

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