The Frugl evolution

The Frugl evolution

September 26, 2023 0 By Rueben Hale

Frugl developers created a grocery comparison app to help people save money during tough times. Managing Director, Kenny Woo, explains the benefits of using AI in the app and his commitment to learning from past mistakes and creating a sustainable future for all. 

Frugl is a platform allowing consumers to compare grocery prices and save money. However, the data acquisition technology has collected significant localised and highly detailed information on shopper behaviour over the nearly three years since its launch. By integrating artificial intelligence with unbiased data analytics, Frugl can offer consumers even deeper insights based on this data. 

Frugl, according to Woo, is a constantly evolving concept that seeks to advance its technology and expand its services to provide greater value to its customers. 

“As a market leader, we hold three core beliefs,” he begins. “First, we believe that AI is the future of retail analytics, and we have invested in this technology. Second, our vast database gives us an edge in developing precise and intelligent AI models. Finally, we have years of experience in this field and have amassed a wealth of data to feed into our models, which is something new players in this space lack.” 

The potential of AI to analyse Frugl’s extensive consumer search data and pricing trends is awe-inspiring. According to Woo, incorporating AI into the company’s proprietary learning model allows for the inclusion of various data variables, making it highly intelligent. He emphasises that it is essential to understand that AI relies heavily on data, which is why the size of the data set and learning model is crucial in determining the significance of its opinions and the intelligence of its responses.  

“Even if a new startup creates a faultless algorithm and exceptional AI model, without adequate data, it may not be able to generate intelligent responses,” he adds. 

A new path for Woo

Kenny Woo is a recent addition to Frugl. He previously worked in the banking sector but transitioned into the plastics and disposable food-packaging industry as an entrepreneur. However, he grew worried about the environmental consequences of this industry. Eventually, it declined and was even banned in some countries. In 2018, he sold his stake in a plastics business and sought smaller ventures prioritising fairness and sustainability. 

“Plastic waste is an important issue that needs to be addressed,” Woo says. The Frugl app helps consumers save money and reduce their carbon footprint by finding the cheapest and closest ways to shop – necessary for everyone to improve the world in their way.” 

History of innovation

Since the app’s release, Frugl has continually innovated with exciting new features and considerably faster app performance.  

Frugl Grocery’s latest platform update (version 3) offers new features such as pre-populated shopping lists, cost-comparisons, allergens and customer reviews. Users can now sign in using social media and add unlimited retailers. Collaborative list-options and wellness tools have been improved, meeting the platform’s commercialisation and growth strategy goals. 

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