Stock Soiree debuts #Mining2024

Stock Soiree debuts #Mining2024

February 9, 2024 Off By Amanda Ellis

The year in mining is underway, with retail investors and industry folk seeing in the sunset at MarketOpen and That Stock Chick’s first monthly Stock Soirée investor night on Wednesday.

Hosted by media personality Tim Gossage, the night kicked off with a casual chat between the ASX Market Goss host and Altech Batteries Managing Director Iggy Tan about producing off-grid power at home.

Altech is developing battery production capacity to allow people to produce their own power at home then store it to use overnight rather than be put in the grid and expelled to ground if unused by utility companies.

The tech got people talking during networking, with keen interest in bringing down power bills and getting in early on the investment cycle.

MarketOpen Australia Managing Director Stewart Walters said the first event had proved a great way for investors to quiz executives directly.

“I am extremely happy with how our first event went,” he said. “We had some fantastic presentations, well supported by investors and brokers who could connect directly with company leaders.

“Tim Gossage was a great MC, cracking jokes and taking questions while quizzing execs on their companies’ agendas.”

Seventy-five investors and industry folk converged to network and get the lowdown from corporate leaders.

The executives included Tan, Miramar Resources Executive Director Allan Kelly, GTI Energy Executive Director Bruce Lane, Golden Mile Resources Managing Director Damon Dormer, and Impact Minerals Managing Director Dr Mike Jones.

A number of investors asked questions of the leaders about future outlooks for their industries and commodities.

Executives responded openly, highlighting the opportunities for increases to shareholder value inherent in fluctuations in demand and supply, and the highs and lows of pricing cycles.

Stock Soirée is a collaboration between MarketOpen and financial freedom advocate That Stock Chick (@ausstockchick on X/Twitter).

The financial influencer, Kristie Hannah, has partnered with MarketOpen to help connect investors with companies, attracting a strong retail contingent from her 8000-plus followers.

Stock Soirée is expected to take place monthly in Perth, connecting investors and companies to each other and new opportunities.

The next Stock Soirée is on Wednesday, March 13. To pick up tickets when they’re available follow MarketOpen & That Stock Chick on Eventbrite.

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