Mt Malcolm (ASX:M2M) decorates Crown with more high-grade Leonora gold

Mt Malcolm (ASX:M2M) decorates Crown with more high-grade Leonora gold

July 5, 2024 Off By Jack Baker

Mt Malcolm Mines is planning a super-quick follow-up with the drill rig a short hop from Leonora in the Goldfields region of Western Australia after grade-control drilling at its Golden Crown prospect struck “unprecedented” gold results.

A 14-metre stretch at 16.78 grams per tonne gold included a 1m strike at 111 g/t, with other expanses from the batch featuring similarly enticing results.

Mt Malcolm dubbed the gold dazzlers exceptional as it continues an effort to establish the feasibility of mining and processing shallow high-grade ore at Golden Crown.

The company’s drilling at the site is taking place alongside its bulk sampling program, targeting up to 8000 tonnes from the signature prospect.

Mt Malcolm considers recent average gold recoveries of 63.4 per cent from a sample processing study over the prospect to be outstanding, flagging a connection between higher grades and improved recoveries.

The latest results emphasised shallow, high-grade gold at Golden Crown, with Mt Malcom Mines Managing Director Trevor Dixon saying the company’s assays had significantly boosted its confidence in upcoming bulk sampling and the prospect’s overall mineralisation.

“This drilling campaign has not only confirmed high-grade mineralisation within the sampling area but also provided valuable insights into grade distribution,” he said.

“These results are crucial for delineating the bulk sampling grade and assisting in planning for future drilling.”

High-grade, near-surface gold was confirmed at Golden Crown earlier in the year, establishing Mt Malcolm’s belief the company has a foundation in place for a robust maiden resource.

The prospect was mined for a short while across the turn of the 20th century, with the ground having potential to soon return new ounces, as the Perth-based explorer looks committed to its development.

Highlight results:

  • 14m @ 16.78 g/t Au from 4m, including 1m @ 111 g/t Au, and 6m @ 36.75 g/t Au in 24GCRC079.
  • 9m @ 21.12 g/t Au from 12m, including 1m @ 65.66 g/t Au, and 4m @ 37.87 g/t Au in 24GCRC078.
  • 9m @ 15.77 g/t Au from 9m, including 1m @ 50.16 g/t Au, and 5m @ 26.89 g/t Au in 24GCRC077.
  • 4m @ 11.75 g/t Au from 4m, including 1m @ 32.82 g/t Au, and 2m @ 21.86 g/t Au in 24GCRC090.
  • 4m @ 3.35 g/t Au from 8m, including 1m of 8.75 g/t Au in 24GCRC081.
  • 1m @ 6.69 g/t Au from 5m, and 3m @ 1.9 g/t Au from 10m in 24GCRC075.

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