Cooper (ASX:CPM) cracks gold rock record on Mt Isa copper quest

Cooper (ASX:CPM) cracks gold rock record on Mt Isa copper quest

June 20, 2024 Off By Jack Baker

Cooper Metals has recorded the highest gold rock chip assays to date from its Mt Isa East tenements, coming from an Attina copper-gold prospect just five and a half kilometres away from the Mt Hope discovery in northern Queensland.

The record 52.8 grams per tonne gold came alongside 12.35 per cent copper in the same sample, the highest Cooper has seen both at the Ardmore tenement and in its three years of exploration across Mt Isa East.

Attina comprises a sub-crop of a line of gossanous quartz veins going from 1 metre to 15 metres wide, tracing for up to 700m, with a portable peak 0.4% soil anomaly sitting in the grid’s centre next to a copper grab of 7.47%.

Cooper has interpreted the anomalism as a favourable copper-gold trap, and portable X-ray fluorescence analysis at the Solo copper-gold prospect also spotted two copper-gold anomalies both about 300m long.

Cooper Metals Managing Director Ian Warland said both new prospects showed encouraging anomalism across soils and rock chips in favourable structural positions.

“The areas were followed up as part of an external prospectivity review of the Ardmore tenement in 2023, which helped identify eleven targets from a desktop review of detailed aeromagnetic data, geological mapping and satellite imagery,” he said.

“Attina looks especially interesting, due to the high gold grades and the interpretation of a complex trap site formed potentially in a zone of low pressure, which resulted in increased shearing around the contact between a rigid granite body within the Corella Formation.

“We are continuing to improve the geochemical coverage and mapping to assess these areas for future drill testing and look forward to updating the market with our progress.”

And a location shortly away from Carnaby Resources‘ (ASX:CNB) Mt Hope discovery and its current 10.3 million tonne for 1.7% copper equivalent resource is likewise favourable.

While copper is the focus across Mt Isa East, the high gold assays have spurred the Perth-based explorer to submit samples for gold analysis and get a check on its distribution across the area.

Cooper sees coincident copper and gold as a promising sign of mineralising fluids, and the company will continue testing 11 high-priority areas uncovered by a recent prospectivity review to gauge their potential for drill testing.

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