Brazilian Rare Earths (ASX:BRE) return ultra-high TREO at Monte Alto

Brazilian Rare Earths (ASX:BRE) return ultra-high TREO at Monte Alto

February 1, 2024 Off By Jack Baker

Out of a trading halt, Brazilian Rare Earths has revealed ultra-high grades of Total Rare Earth Oxide up to 34.4% and significantly expanded an open along strike and depth high-grade Ree-Nb-Sc exploration corridor at its Monte Alto Project in Brazil.

Grades came in up to 5.9% NdPr, 3,229ppm DyTb, 1.5% niobium and 352ppm scandium, coming from an exploration target zone lying beneath its established high-grade monazite sand deposit and lying wide across both the greater project area and province.

Brazilian Rare Earths CEO and MD, Bernardo da Veiga said the exceptional high-grade assays validated Monte Alto as a world class rare earth exploration project with some of the highest reported grades worldwide.

“Exploration at Monte Alto is ramping up, with a Phase II diamond drilling program underway to target extensions to the high-grade REE-Nb-Sc mineralisation underneath the monazite-sand mineralisation at surface,” Mr da Veiga said.

“There is excellent potential for this hard rock REE-Nb-Sc mineralisation to extend expansively under the Monte Alto Project area.”

Mr da Veiga added that the exploration team believes the unique high-grade mineralisation is provincial in scale.

“There is significant potential for new high-grade rare earth discoveries along the geophysical trendline that runs down the extensive spine of this world class province,” he said.

“We recently commenced a diamond drill program at our Velinhas target, located 7km to the south of Monte Alto, and we have mobilised diamond drill rigs to confirm and extend high-grade REE-Nb-Sc mineralisation at the Sulista Project, located 80km southwest of Monte Alto.

“These exploration programs will be augmented with an increasing number of highly prospective regional drill targets.”

BRE joined the bourse with an established inferred mineral resource of 510.3Mt at 1,513ppm, the backing of Gina Rinehart, and strong belief that its exploration findings had pointed towards the potential to become one of the world’s largest and highest-grade rare earth producers outside of Chinese borders.

And drilling as a public entity has done little to dissuade its belief, and with enhanced prospects for high-grade mineralisation to repeat across its already-large landholdings, BRE made the call to accelerate payments to complete acquisition of Rio Tinto’s exploration territory and establish control of a world-class province.

A Phase II drilling campaign over Monto Alto has begun, targeting high-grade mineralisation along strike and down dip as the new rare earth heavyweight begins exploration over priority targets running through the province’s spine with belief in outstanding potential for new high-grade discoveries.

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Significant results:

  • 9.9m at 27.3% TREO from 0.7m with 4.3% NdPr and 2,193ppm DyTb plus 233ppm Sc2O3 and 0.9%
    Nb2O5 (MADD0003)
  • 7m at 18.9% TREO from 76m with 3.1% NdPr and 1,517ppm DyTb plus 167ppm Sc2O3 and 0.6%
    Nb2O5. (MADD0007)
  •  19.8m at 26.3% TREO from 104.2m with 4.3% NdPr and 2,257ppm DyTb plus 203ppm Sc2O3 and
    0.8% Nb2O5 (MADD0007)
  • 23m at 18.9% TREO from 84m with 3.0% NdPr and 1,673ppm DyTb plus 196ppm Sc2O3 and 0.6%
    Nb2O5 (MADD0010) – Including 9m at 28.5% TREO from 91m with 4.6% NdPr and 2,562ppm DyTb plus 217ppm Sc2O3 and 0.9% Nb2O5 (MADD0010)
  • 13.4m at 20% TREO from 4.6m with 3.7% NdPr and 1,349ppm DyTb plus 100ppm Sc2O3 and 0.4% Nb2O5 (MADD0013)
  • 24.7m at 15.6% TREO from 26.9m with 2.4% NdPr and 1,255ppm DyTb plus 208ppm Sc2O3 and 0.4% Nb2O5 (MADD0015)
  • 16.8m at 14.9% TREO from 59.6m with 2.3% NdPr and 1,072ppm DyTb plus 183ppm Sc2O3 and 0.4% Nb2O5 (MADD0015)
  • 6m at 26.7% TREO from 51.5m with 4.4% NdPr and 2,180ppm DyTb plus 201ppm Sc2O3 and 0.8% Nb2O5 (SDD0008)
  • 8.1m at 17.6% TREO from 92.1m with 2.8% NdPr and 1,407ppm DyTb plus 170ppm Sc2O3 and 0.5% Nb2O5 (SDD0008)
  • 13m at 11.7% TREO from 20m with 1.9% NdPr and 1,026ppm DyTb plus 190ppm Sc2O3 and 0.4% Nb2O5 (MADD0011)
  • 6m at 11.5% TREO from 101m with 1.8% NdPr and 1,021ppm DyTb plus 167ppm Sc2O3 and 0.3% Nb2O5 (SDD0006)
  • 28m at 15.6% TREO from 121.5m with 2.4% NdPr and 1,363ppm DyTb plus 201ppm Sc2O3 and 0.5% Nb2O5 Open at depth (SDD0006)

BRE Rocha de Rocha Map

High priority REE-Nb-Sc exploration projects along the geophysical trendline of the
Rocha da Rocha Rare Earths Province

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