Brazilian Critical Minerals (ASX:BCM) expands high-grade rare earths zone in Brazil

Brazilian Critical Minerals (ASX:BCM) expands high-grade rare earths zone in Brazil

February 22, 2024 Off By Jack Baker

Brazilian Critical Minerals’ third and final batch of auger assays has expanded a high-grade zone of rare earth mineralisation by 54 per cent at its Ema project in the Apuí region of Brazil.

A new 4 square kilometre zone with grades exceeding the 1000 parts per million benchmark extended the high-grade zone of the widespread ionic rare earth deposit to, averaging 1048ppm total rare earth oxide and remaining open in all directions.

And the limited auger drilling did not reach a lower enriched horizon, where values have been consistently returned above the 1000ppm TREO and 200ppm neodymium and praseodymium levels.

The greater aim for Brazilian Critical Minerals is to define an indicated mineral resource estimate of 180-200 million tonnes averaging more than 1000ppm TREO.

Explorer BCM has begun a regional program to collect density data and will soon start work on additional assays by undertaking ammonium sulphate leaching to support the estimate.

A next round of drilling will begin through Brazil’s next drilling season, starting in May, to further test the highest grade zones identified to date.

BCM believes the project is unique among its Brazilian compatriots, sharing almost identical characteristics to the deposits found in southwest China, the world’s largest known region for ionic clays.

Brazilian earth

With the world’s third largest reserves, a proven mining industry, and the potential for true ionic clay deposits, Brazil has looked as likely as anywhere to take the silver spot next to China for rare earth production.

Mining magnate Gina Rinehart made a significant investment in Brazilian Rare Earths (ASX:BRE) for its public listing, and exploration results from the largest South American nation have continued to point toward large-scale assets.


BCM Ema Map

Brazilian Critical Minerals shares its composite grade distribution at rare earths project Ema in the Apuí region of Brazil

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