Antilles (ASX:AAU) continue the copper-gold stream in central Cuba

Antilles (ASX:AAU) continue the copper-gold stream in central Cuba

November 2, 2023 Off By Tom Duggan

After its latest diamond hole broke through to outstanding copper intercepts at El Pilar earlier this week, Antilles Gold has backed it up with more high-grade gold and copper assays reinforcing the lustre of near-term production in central Cuba.

High-grade gold was struck up to 9.56g/t in the overlying gold domain and copper as high as 1.98% underneath, while the first diamond holes into the adjacent Gaspar prospect returned with a two-metre stretch of 49.30g/t gold.

A string of high-end strikes from early July into the oxide deposit at El Pilar have further validated Antilles’ intentions on Cuba’s untapped mineral wealth, and the even split joint venture with Cuban mining operations intend to develop a mine at Nueva Sabana as soon as possible next year.

And Gaspar has now shown its potential to provide additional high-grade feed. The first three short diamond drill holes were the first to test the prospect showing many similarities to El Pilar, and more drilling is planned to test both Gaspar and a number of additional prospects in the near vicinity.

With the potential for two near-term mining operations at both Nueva Sabana and La Demajagua in hand, Antilles will look to leverage its first mover advantage into the Carribean with eyes on larger-scale exploration for world class copper deposits and the potential involvement of a multinational miner.

Significant results

Gold Domain – El Pilar

  • HOLE PDH-037 5.0m @ 3.35g/t Au from surface
    2.0m @ 3.61g/t Au from 7.0m
    5.0m @1.55g/t Au from 13.0m
  • HOLE PDH-038 4.0m @ 2.3g/t Au from surface
    3.0m @ 8.53g/t Au from 13.0m
    1.0m @ 9.65g/t Au from 27.0m
  • HOLE PDH-039 3.5m @ 2.71g/t from 1.5m
    5.0m @ 1.79g/t from 14.0m
    3.0m @ 2.51g/t from 55.0m
    2.0m @ 1.84g/t from 93.5m

Copper Domain – El Pilar

  • HOLE PDH-038 5.0m @ 0.55% Cu from 29.0m
    3.0m @ 1.98% Cu from 38.0m
    12.0m @0.82% Cu from 29.0m
  • HOLE PDH-039 13.0m @ 1.5% Cu from 42.0m
    3.0m @ 0.98% Cu from 88.0m

Gold Domain – Gaspar

  • HOLE GDH-001 2.5m at 11.39g/t Au from 21.0m
  • HOLE GDH-003 2.0m at 49.30g/t Au from 22.0m

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