MarketOpen launches new podcast

MarketOpen launches new podcast

October 30, 2023 Off By Amanda Ellis

MarketOpen Australia Network has debuted its new podcast to put the focus on companies, inviting leaders and industry experts to take the mic and simplify what results mean for investors.

The podcast is called MarketOpen Podcast and is the network’s second pod.

Its successful first pod, the ASX Market Goss podcast, is hosted by broadcaster Tim Gossage and puts a spotlight on the people behind a company.

MarketOpen Managing Director Stewart Walters said the new podcast would feature company executives and industry experts talking about their focus.

“Guests will also talk about what companies’ results really mean,” he said.

The podcast will also give listeners a little more insight into its guests.

“It’ll explain why people do what they do,” he said.

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Episode 1 debuts

In Episode 1 of MarketOpen Podcast, Kingsland Minerals (ASX:KNG) Managing Director and CEO Richard Maddocks speaks to Walters about Kingsland’s Leliyn graphite project.

It’s got him jumping out of bed every morning.

“That’s been the exciting thing in the last six months, is the success with the graphite, and especially now when graphite supply and demand characteristics are looking very positive,” Maddocks says.

Graphite is a product used in electric vehicle batteries, making up more of the battery than lithium.

On October 20 China announced anyone wanting to export the critical mineral out of China will need a licence from December 1.

“I think the export controls that China announced last week really highlighted the reason why it’s a critical mineral in a lot of countries around the world,” Maddocks says.

“The effect on smaller companies like us who are exploring? It obviously gives you a good impetus to continue exploring.”

Like many of the investors who’ve snapped up graphite stocks in the past few weeks, Maddocks believes graphite companies operating outside of China now have more development opportunities.

“There’s a path forward developing projects now,” Maddocks says.

“People will diversify away from just one market or one supply, which is China at the moment. And I think projects like ours and companies like ours are well placed to take advantage of that in the future.”

To listen to the October 26-27 podcast, jump on Spotify.

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