Kimberely Mineral Sands bags first zircon shipment

Kimberely Mineral Sands bags first zircon shipment

January 8, 2024 Off By Rueben Hale

Sheffield Resources (ASX:SFX) subsidiary, Kimberley Mineral Sands, has shipped 300 metric tonnes of bagged non-magnetic (zircon concentrate) from the Thunderbird Mineral Sands Mine in Western Australia’s Pilbara.

Early production at the project enabled the first shipment of non-magnetic concentrate to three existing customers ahead of schedule.

Back-loading empty containers from Port Hedland to China and backhauling bagged products to Port Hedland via a truck fleet from Broome helps lower shipping costs, making the project more competitive.

“We wish to congratulate the Kimberley Mineral Sands team and thank our offtake customers for this milestone achievement of first revenue for the Thunderbird Mineral Sands Mine, and with KMS production ramp up progressing very well,” Sheffield Resources Executive Chair Mr Bruce Griffin said.

“We look forward to delivering further increased product volumes to our customers in the coming weeks and months”.

SFX Kimberly Mineral Sands shipments leaving Pt Hedland, Western Australia

SFX Kimberly Mineral Sands shipments leaving Pt Hedland, Western Australia

The company has announced its plans to begin bulk shipments from Broome in the first quarter of 2024.

Production stats for the December 2023 quarter are expected by the end of Jan 2024. Revenue from shipment is to be received in Jan 2024.

About Zircon Concentrate

Zircon concentrate is a mineral used in industrial and commercial applications. It is primarily derived from heavy mineral sand deposits and is used in ceramics, refractories, foundry casting, and zirconium chemicals. The market is influenced by factors such as supply and demand, pricing, trade regulations, and the presence of key mining companies. Environmental and sustainability considerations are increasingly important. Innovations in extraction and processing techniques have improved the efficiency and sustainability of zircon mining and production. The market is dynamic and influenced by various factors, making it essential for market participants to stay current with these factors.

About Kimberley Minerals

Formed in January 2021, Kimberley Mineral Sands is a 50:50 Joint Venture between Sheffield Resources Ltd (ASX:SFX) and YGH Australia Investment Pty Ltd (Yansteel) for the development of the Thunderbird Mineral Sands Project located on the Dampier Peninsula, midway between Broome and Derby.

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