Cooper Metals (ASX:CPM) uncover new King Solomon copper-gold

Cooper Metals (ASX:CPM) uncover new King Solomon copper-gold

October 24, 2023 Off By Tom Duggan

Diamond drilling at the King Solomon 1 copper gold prospect has not only returned with enticing numbers but has uncovered a new zone and significant untested potential for expanded mineralisation within Cooper Metals‘ large Mt Isa East holdings.

The results show potential to significantly extend the prospect’s mineralisation along strike and down dip, while the untested area could significantly extend its mineralised envelope.

A headline strike came in at 21.4m @ 2.1% Cu & 0.08 g/t Au from 81.6m including 5.9m @ 5.7% Cu and 0.08g/t
Au, and a new interpretation of the diamond core indicated significant mineralisation is instead controlled by the sheared contact between the brittle Argylla Formation and more ductile Corella Formation.

Cooper Managing Director Ian Warland said that a consistent brecciated to laminated quartz-carbonate mineralised shear zone has formed adjacent to that contact.

“Prior to the diamond drilling, we had interpreted Cu-Au mineralisation to pinch out in the northern portion of King Solomon, however drill hole 23MEDH001 has intersected the mineralised structure and has uncovered a new untested zone, worthy of further drill testing,” Mr Warland said.

“Also, the DHEM trial has highlighted a conductive plate extending around 100m below drill hole 23MEDH004 in the southern portion of King Solomon 1. All in all, the diamond drilling has shown additional potential to extend the mineralisation at King Solomon 1.”

Significant results

  • 21.4m @ 2.1% Cu & 0.08 g/t Au from 81.6m including 5.9m @ 5.7% Cu and 0.08g/t
    Au (23MEDH002)
  • 5.7m @ 1.8% Cu & 0.17g/t Au from 111m (23MEDH004)
  • 6.4m @ 1.3% Cu & 0.13g/t Au from 175.5m (23MEDH001)
  • 2.2m @ 1.1% Cu & 1.74g/t Au from 45.8m (23MEDH001)
  • 33.1m @ 0.4% Cu & 0.02g/t Au from 140m (23MEDH001

In the pipeline

King Solomon 1 stands as a key prospect, but one of many targets racked up for exploration at Mt Isa East.

The total number sits at around 50 which remain untested, and Cooper has just finished up drilling over five of the more eminent, sitting in a tight 10-kilometre cluster which allowed for a single round of drilling.

Over 630 samples were collected and submitted for assay, awaited on for November as Cooper begin plotting its next round of drilling.

CPM Mt Isa King Solomon

Sulphide mineralisation in drill hole 23MEDH002

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