Calmer Co (ASX:CCO) grows revenues amid US-Australian Kava sales push

Calmer Co (ASX:CCO) grows revenues amid US-Australian Kava sales push

May 15, 2024 Off By Jack Baker

The Calmer Co has reported continually growing sales of its Kava-based wellness products, with ecommerce sales now bringing in over $11,000 a day across Australia and the United States.

And just eight weeks since launch, there have been 4600 retail sales a week in Coles across three Calmer Co products for the return of another $30,000 in weekly revenue.

The root of the Kava plant has been used as a relaxant for centuries across the Pacific but is becoming increasingly wanted and available in foreign shores for stress relieving properties.

While kava use was previously legal for individuals, The Calmer Co was the first company to get a licence for its import and retail sales distribution into Australia, and has since found plentiful demand for easy-drinking formats.

Calmer Co Chief Executive Anthony Noble said excellence in ecommerce was the company’s primary growth pillar and where it had continued to build on, month on month.

“Shopify USA sales in April were more than 4x the March baseline indicating that our strategy in the USA is showing similar promising signs to the early days in the Australian market for Shopify,” he said

Noble added profitable retail was a second pillar and initial sales results there had been very promising from its primary partner.

“This is now backed up by scan data showing a rapid acceleration in both value of retail sales and units sold across the discount cycle in Coles,” he said.

“The company will continue to focus on the most profitable and sustainable sales channels over the coming year.”

Non-alcoholic products have spearheaded the overall growth of the no-and-low-alcohol beverage market, with Australia having among the highest proportion of millennial new entrants in both drinks categories.

The Calmer Co believes there is a megatrend of people turning away from the sauce towards a healthier lifestyle, and new legislation surrounding the popular Pacific drink would allow the company to tap into greater international markets.

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