Anson (ASX:ASN) extracts lithium brine buddy for Utah flagship

Anson (ASX:ASN) extracts lithium brine buddy for Utah flagship

April 30, 2024 Off By Jack Baker

Anson Resources has extracted supersaturated brine from the Mississippian Units at thickness and pressures which confirm it staked another likely-looking lithium brine asset at the Green River project to pair with its Paradox flagship in the US state of Utah.

A series of geological formations and layers of sedimentary rocks associated with shallow marine environments, Mississippian Units are known to often host lithium-enriched brine reservoirs.

And measuring at more than 255 metres thick at 4900 pounds of pressure per square inch, the units at Green River yielded supersaturated brine which, even weighing 9.5 pounds a gallon, continued to flow into the well from as deep as 600 feet.

The brine notably flowed into the tubing without needing to break down the formation, indicating the kind of high pressure and porosity desired for extraction.

Anson believed downhole pressures at Green River could be even higher than Paradox, and drilling has now confirmed the project would be at least of the same calibre as its flagship, with matching geology and regional infrastructure making for an ideal partner.

Anson staked Green River early last year believing the skill acquired developing Paradox could be put to parallel use nearby and fast-track exploration towards another resource from the brines of Utah.

Resource drilling continues at Green River, and a definitive feasibility study over adjacent Paradox has already shown the numbers for a low-cost 23-year mine life.

Those figures came at times of higher lithium prices but are yet to take into account last year’s 45 per cent uplift which put the resource at over 1.5 million tonnes of lithium carbonate equivalent alongside 7.61Mt of rbomine.

Anson has a fully commissioned sample demonstration plant with lithium extraction and downstream purification capabilities firing at Green River, capable of operating round the clock and producing sample products for potential off-take partners.

Bulk samples have been taken from the Green River brines for assay and metallurgical tests, and the recently constructed Bosydaba #1 well will be left open for processing more brine at the sample plant if needed.

Anson has confirmed a site for fully-fledged processing operations at Paradox, and now looks to build up an adjacent swarm of Green River lithium on a mission of production in the Beehive State of Utah.

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